I have an assortment of pictures to share from February. We are having a quiet day at home today since Anna isn’t feeling well. We did a lot of snuggling this morning, and thankfully she seems a bit better this afternoon–not 100% but up and about at least, and eating a little. Hopefully she is on the mend! Max was very sweet about checking on her and asking her how she is feeling. As a result of the sickness, we had to wash Anna’s two favorite stuffed animals. Max wanted to put two of his special bears in as well. They both did fine with having their animals in the washer and dryer, but the last 20 minutes or so of drying time they sat just outside the laundry room and watched the dryer. Max reported each time the minutes counter changed: “Now it says zero one nine!” “Now it says zero one eight!” etc. Very cute. 

Anna has figured that she can extend bedtime a bit by calling me back in after Jeff tucks her in. She will say she needs to go potty (sometimes she really does) and then we sit in her room and snuggle for a bit and sing “Love You Forever” together. I don’t mind the bedtime extension one bit. 
Here’s the roundup of February photos!
The Sunday snowfall a couple weeks ago:
And a day without snow, off to the park. Yes, Max’s bike is far too small for him. He’s getting a new one for his birthday next month!
We watched Penelope while Angel and Eric took Emmeline to Seattle to celebrate her birthday.
It was Winter semester observation day at Maxwell’s Creative Movement class last week:
Anna has very definite ideas about what she wants to wear these days. Here’s a typical outfit–hey, all three pieces are striped. so they go together, right? Though not shown in these pictures, she also loves her pink sunglasses and often wears them indoors or on rainy days. 
Then she wanted one all the animals the kids had out:

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