Single digit weeks!

We now have 9 weeks left! Well okay, I realize it may be more than 9, but in 9 weeks I’ll be 40 weeks pregnant! The baby is now about the size of four navel oranges. I guess the BabyCenter folks couldn’t come up with one produce item that was just the right size (about 3 and a half pounds). We had the second half of our childbirth class Saturday. We learned a couple of techniques to help with back labor…hopefully I won’t experience that, but if our little guy takes after me, it could happen (sorry, Mom). Jeff did more painting in the nursery this afternoon…I need to figure out what to do for curtains in there, but otherwise I think the nursery basics are pretty well set. And, in very exciting news, I am typing this from our new glider! When we ordered it last week they said it could take up to 12 weeks, which would have put the glider arriving after the baby. But yesterday we got the call it was in, so we picked it up and Jeff assembled it, and it is sooo comfy. Thankfully I have no crazy weather news to report…no snowstorms, no more flooding, in fact we have had SUN the past two days. It is so nice to see all the mountains and even the foothills are covered in snow and are just beautiful. I have lived here for five years now and am still amazed at how breathtaking the mountains are, I never get tired of looking at them.

Here’s the 31 week picture, have a great week!

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