Star of the Week

Max was the “Star of the Week” at preschool this past week. As such, he got to wear a special crown at school both days and bring it home. When he arrived at school on Tuesday, Miss Megan went to get the crown that the other kids had worn. She quickly discovered that it would not in fact fit his head. So he got a custom crown. Maxwell was excited to pick an item to put in the “secret box” and bring to school to share (a ball with stars). He wore his crown at home Tuesday and wanted us to make a matching one for Chester bear.

The things he says are so funny. A week or so ago he told me, “Mama, you look so pretty when you get home from work. But only when you get home from work.” Um, thanks? He loves when we are silly and will often feed us our lines and reactions: “Okay Daddy, can you be silly and not think that this toy piggy bank will make a sneezing sound, and then make that funny face when it does?” His birthday wish list is getting quite long and now includes a piano (that one’s going to be a few years, buddy). He asked at dinner recently, “Will you and Daddy come to my birthday party?”  When he explains something important to Anna (e.g. “Anna, don’t knock over my block tower”), he leans in really close and says it about an inch from her face. She doesn’t seem to mind.  I love watching his brain work and engaging in conversation with him. Here he is with Chester in their matching crowns:

While I was taking the above pictures, Anna was doing this:

You might notice she’s not wearing pants. This is a common occurrence these days, because she wants to put them on herself after every diaper change, but isn’t quite able to get them all the way on. When she says her name it comes out, “Nana.” So we’ll start to put her pants on and she’ll shake her head, push our hands away and insist, “Nana! Nana!” She’s also added the word “Up” to her repertoire, and uses it most frequently when I’m attempting to make dinner and she wants to be held RIGHT NOW. She loves the kitties and does her best to give them pats and kisses, though it can be a challenge to get them to hold still long enough for that. I love watching her pretend play–she’ll make a fake crying noise for one of her babies and then pick the baby up and give him a hug and kiss, and then the crying stops. So cute!

Anna’s First Dentist Visit

I know I’ve been a delinquent blogger, but I’ll try to get back on track now. We’ve just been busy with life, which is a wonderful thing but does tend to push blogging down on the to-do list a bit. Thankfully I have some time this afternoon while the kids are having “nap” time to squeeze in a quick post. I want to commemorate Anna’s first visit to the dentist. We have an awesome children’s dentist nearby–their office has a separate child-size entrance door, train running around the ceiling, toys, and a great staff. I wasn’t sure what Anna would think of it all but she did great. The actual dental exam was done with her on my lap, so I don’t have pictures of that part, but they did the initial check in the dental chair, so I got a few then.

Our awesome dentist:

Getting sunglasses on:

Fun in the dental chair:

We love Daddy snuggles on the weekend:

A couple phone pics. Max wearing my boots:

And sibling snuggles and reading:

And a couple from this week, Max was looking at pictures on my phone and snuggling with his bears. Anna brought her bunny and babies up and looked on too.