It’s Christmas Time!

Just one blogger again today, dear readers. Alas, Shani had to return home to that little piece of paradise we call Michigan, though we did our best to convince her to move out here. We are having fun with Maxwell’s first Christmas season. He helped us pick out a tree (we didn’t chop our own this year, that will be more fun when Max knows what’s going on) and he loves to look at the tree when the lights are on. We also made an inaugural visit to Santa. Max did very well. The Santa was great, Jeff stood by him for a few minutes holding Max so he could warm up before the big hand off. Once Max was in Santa’s arms, all he wanted to do was stare at Santa and taste his suit. We raised quite a ruckus and eventually we did get him to look at the camera and were rewarded with a very cute picture.

It’s much easier to take Max out to eat these days, now that he’ll sit in a restaurant high chair and look around at all the people. He loves to share whatever food we happen to be eating. He hasn’t mastered feeding himself yet, he will grab the pieces of food we put on his high chair tray, but getting those pieces into his mouth remains an elusive challenge.

We’re hearing lots of “talking” these days. It’s usually “Da da da da da” though that isn’t specific to Jeff yet. I keep putting in a plug for “Ma ma ma ma” but so far we haven’t heard that one. Max does seem to be learning how to wave. He doesn’t always do it, but several times now he waves in response to one of us waving. SO cute!

We’re looking forward to the Moore family’s arrival on Saturday. It will be very special to celebrate Maxwell’s first Christmas together. I’ll try to do another post before the 25th, but if I don’t make it, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Here’s Max helping us pick out the perfect tree:

Playing in a box. It really is true what they say about kids preferring the packaging to the toy:

Random cute picture:

We’ve had quite the cold weather here the past few weeks. Thankfully the unseasonable cold brought it with crystal clear skies (hello, mountains!) and sunshine, so we’ve been able to bundle up and get out for some walks. Here’s Max all cozy in the stroller:

You may remember my friend Leanne, she of Tiny Toppers

Well, she is making knitted Santa hats for the Christmas season, so of course I had to get one for Max:

And finally, the official 2009 Santa photo: