A Visit to Santa

We took Max to see Santa last weekend. We thought he might not be too sure about the big guy in red, and it turns out we were right. Maxwell was fine when we go there, and was okay standing near Santa with me holding him, but wasn’t interested in sitting on his lap. We decided he was going to cry no matter what, so I quickly handed him to Santa, they took the picture, and then I rescued him again. You can see he has a tight grip on his good friend Chester bear, whom we brought along for moral support. The picture really is priceless:

We also recently did a holiday mini-session with the fabulous J. Shelton Photography . As always, we love how she captures Max, and he looks like such a big boy in these pictures! Thanks Justine!

After our session we wandered around the grounds a bit. Max was fascinated by the big water wheel. He kept saying and signing “Ball,” as in this picture:

What’s better than a ride on Daddy’s shoulders, and keeping the rhythm on his head?

Max’s Oma and Opa arrived yesterday and we’re having a great time together. Pictures of that to come next time!

O Christmas Tree

Last weekend we were blessed with dry, sunny weather, so we took advantage of the opportunity to go out and get a Christmas tree. We went to a farm not far from our house to cut our own, which was definitely cheaper (not to mention more fun) than the pre-cut trees we’ve gotten in the past. I wasn’t sure what Maxwell would think of a tree in the middle of the living room, but so far it’s gone remarkably well. We brought it in and decorated it while he was napping, and he was certainly interested when he woke up, but then it was back to his toys, no big deal. He likes to point out the ornaments but has yet to try to take them off.

Here we are deciding on our tree:

We’ll take this one!

Max and I were excellent supervisors while Jeff cut down the tree:

What Seattle rain? Look at that view:

That afternoon I wanted to get some pictures of Max in what Jeff calls his “Breakout” sweater though the pattern is technically “Jelly Bean.” Now, don’t start to get impressed that I made this. I only knit things that are flat, like scarves and blankets. Max’s Oma (Jeff’s mom) is a very talented knitter who has made Max several beautiful sweaters, including this one.

I know this one is dark, but it’s such a cute smile!

Don’t you just melt?

Here’s Maxwell doing one of his favorite new tricks: Head on the floor, sometimes with hands in the air. He’s come close to going over in a somersault, but hasn’t quite gotten there yet:

Max is working on saying more words. Usually he just says the first sound of a word, which can make interpretation tricky….”Ba” could be Ball, Book, Box, etc. But it is great to hear him talking more to communicate. I get to hear a lot of “Mama” these days, which I love. We’ll be taking him to see Santa this weekend, which I’m sure will be interesting. My guess is Max may not be so happy in the picture, but who knows, maybe he’ll surprise me like he did at the dentist. We have been talking up how nice Santa is and how fun it will be to see him. Stay tuned for photos!