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One Month Old!

Anna is one month old already! The time is flying by and it seems like she gets bigger by the day. She is giving us real smiles now, not just the random ones (which are wonderful in their own way) and it never gets old having her look at us and grin. At one month she loves snuggles, nursing, being in the bathtub, and her thumb or fingers (when she randomly manages to get them in her mouth). She is less enthused about getting out of the bathtub, tummy time, and the pacifier (will occasionally suck on it for a few minutes, but often just makes a face as if to say, “What the heck is this thing? It doesn’t even produce milk!”).

Max is as cute as ever. He’s singing all kinds of songs these days, we often get to hear a concert over the monitor when he’s supposed to be napping. Sometimes he gets stuck a few lines in and we hear an endless repeat. He asks us to sing songs for almost any occasion, including many everyday occurrences: “Daddy, sing ‘Change Diaper’ song” “Sing ‘Wash Hands’ Song” etc. So not only are we generating names for anything and everything, we’re composing original tunes as well. All in a day of parenthood! At the end of this post is a video of Max singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or as he says, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars.”

The other day I got a few pictures of brother and sister:

Here’s Max beeping Anna’s nose:

Here are Anna’s one month pictures. Not so sure at first:

Okay Mom, I’ll give you a smile:

Uh, Mom? I’m sliding down here.

Precious sleepy snuggles:

Our friends Angel and Eric recently had their second baby, Penelope. We brought dinner this weekend and visited a bit. Our first kids are only about 6 weeks apart, and these girls are almost exactly a month apart. It’s fun to have little ones so close in age. Here are the big brother and sister playing:

Angel and I parked ourselves in the comfy chairs with the little girls:

I’ll leave you with a couple shots of Anna in this super cute outfit from our friends Laura and Dave:

And Max performing, as promised: