Four months old, a visit from Donna, and Tiny Toppers!

I’m still here! Sorry for the delayed update. Now that I am back to work the days really fly by and I know I am overdue to post here. We’re doing well, Max is now four months old! It’s hard to believe that four months have gone by already. We have his four month well baby visit on Monday, so I’m curious to see how long he is. He weighed 16 pounds last week, so he’s more than doubled his birth weight. It will be interesting to see where he falls in the percentages now. When we are out and about we get lots of comments on how long he is. He is holding his head up a lot more and has started rolling to the side from his back. I don’t think he’s figured out the logistics of moving an arm out of the way so he can roll all the way to his tummy. He is giving us some real laughs now, it is so much fun to hear that giggle. The other night he and Jeff were sitting in the glider and Jeff made Max laugh, which made Jeff laugh, which made Max laugh…it was so cute.

We have been blessed with some wonderful company lately. Right now Dad and Helen are here, they arrived Thursday night and will be here until next weekend. A couple weeks ago we had our dear friend Donna and her son Eric here for the week. Donna took care of Max while I was at work. Max had a great time with Aunt Donna and the week flew by. Not only did she watch Max, Donna also cooked and cleaned for us. It was so great to see them again, we really miss them now that they live out of state.

In other fun happenings, Max is a model! My friend Leanne is a very talented knitter and sells hats for babies and kids online. She needed a model for some of her baby hats and Maxwell was happy to oblige. Check out her website and see if you can spot him (you can tell if you got it right by the little scratches on his forehead and nose). Shhhh, don’t tell, but we also had him model a couple girl hats. Clearly he inherited Jeff’s acting abilities as I think he pulled it off quite well. If you need baby gifts, Tiny Toppers is a great place to shop! Here’s the link: Tiny Toppers

Yes, yes, I have pictures! Here you go:

These jammies are so cute, I love the monkey feet. And of course the Maxwell makes them all the cuter:

My mom, a confirmed book addict, got this t-shirt for Max. So of course I had to stage an appropriate picture:

Max is getting much better at grabbing things and everything goes to the mouth now. The other day he was bringing this rattle to his mouth and it fell onto his nose. We were cracking up at his expression as he tried to see what this thing on his face was, while moving his head around.

I mentioned above the scratches he had, this is a casualty of the little baby fingernails getting just a touch too long. Trimming them is such a tricky job, I confess that I make Jeff do it. We usually do it while Max is eating and somewhat distracted. Here are the scratches in evidence:

Here’s Maxwell with his adoring Aunt Donna:

And finally, four month pictures!

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