Easter, Part 2

Yes, yes, I know. Max is not even 13 months old, and I’ve missed my first birthday goal to update the blog every week. In my defense, in the past couple weeks I had a nasty cold that turned into a sinus infection. I then shared said cold with Max and my mom. Max kicked the cold and then developed his first ear infection, in both ears no less. Top it off with his molars coming in and a minor leg injury, and he was one unhappy Bug. He wanted to be held by Mama all. the. time. Knock on wood, I think we are through it all and he seems to be pretty much back to his cheerful self. I last blogged the day before Easter, so I now have actual Easter pictures to share from our trip to Maxwell’s Great-Grandma’s.

But first, a couple from Max’s first visit to the Pacific Science Center. We went with three friends and their little ones when Max was done with the cold and the ear infection was probably brewing but we didn’t know it yet. Max’s favorite thing was the water table in the toddler area. It was just the right height for him to stand and lean against it and splash his hands in the water. Heaven! Of course water went everywhere, including all over his shoes and socks, but oh well. Here he is playing with some bones:

And driving a race car:

On to Easter pictures! In addition to the family Easter festivities, we did a joint birthday celebration for Max and his cousin Kendra, whose birthday is in April. They also have a cousin Madison who is just a couple months younger. It is really fun to have three babies so close together in age. I love having cousins my age and I’m happy that Max will get to experience that as well. Here is a picture of the three babies together:

Then we went outside for some pictures. Max was not so enamored of that idea:

Here we are with my grandma:

Watching the big kids look for eggs:

Showing off his finds from the egg hunt:

Opening presents:

If the weather cooperates tomorrow, we’re going to try to get up to Mount Vernon for some pictures at the annual tulip festival. The tulips bloomed early this year so I think this weekend is our last chance to see them in bloom. Hopefully I will have some good pictures from that to share next time. Now I’ll sign off as it’s bedtime for Max.

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