Fall Fun, Round 2

What did I tell you, dear readers? Here I am again, just a day after my last entry, writing another one. Granted, it will be short, but still. This is round two of our October fun: A visit to my grandma’s house. She lives a couple hours north of us, so we don’t get up there as often as we would like. It had been too long since we made the trip, and we were glad to be able to spend a Sunday there earlier this month. Thankfully Max is over his “I don’t nap in the car” phase, which lasted a long and torturous six months, so he will usually crash on the drive home. Sunday dinner (aka lunch) at Grandma’s can be a large affair, but this time it was a smaller crowd, so Maxwell got all the toys to himself. Here he is playing at the same table where I used to sit, with the the same Fisher Price schoolhouse that I loved:

He loved this mailbox:

With my grandma, my mom and my Great-Uncle Bill:

When I was growing up, my mom and I would come to Washington for three weeks in the summer and stay at my grandparents’ farm. I loved those visits, and have such happy memories of time with family (one favorite: When I went to town with Grandpa and we stopped for ice cream on the way there……and on the way back!). I feel blessed that Max will have wonderful memories of time with his relatives too. He has a Grandma close by, my mom’s extended family not far away, and our out of town family visits as often as they can, and those visits will have special memories all their own. I have friends who have some crazy in-laws, and I’m very glad to say that both sides of Maxwell’s family are filled with wonderful people–he is a lucky boy, indeed.

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