Wedding Weekend

I’m a little behind on blogging, but I’ll try to get back on track now, at least for the next few weeks until the baby arrives! Baby report: I am now 37 (!) weeks pregnant, and she weighs about 6.3 pounds, measuring about 19 inches long, or the length of a stalk of Swiss chard. I am now going weekly for appointments, at the one this week everything looked good and I’m still measuring right on track. We need to get the hospital bag packed and ready! We’ve been reading lots of books about babies and being a big brother to Max, so hopefully some of it is sinking in.  Here’s this week’s belly pic:

We had a wonderful weekend last weekend celebrating Greg and Leah’s marriage. We are so happy to officially have Leah and Emma in the family! Jeff’s parents and his uncle Paul were able to stay with us for a few days before and after the wedding and it was wonderful to have that time together. Maxwell enjoyed having them here at his beck and call. Max was a trooper on the drive to and from the Tri-Cities (over four hours each way!) and was a delight all weekend. He liked walking the hallways of the hotel and really enjoyed time in the pool.

Some pictures of our weekend….

Reading with Mama in the morning:

Playing with Oma’s phone:

We celebrated Jeff’s birthday while everyone was here. A very happy birthday to my wonderful, amazing husband! Max and Baby Girl and I are so lucky to have you.

Max wanted to help carry the cake to the table:

Watching Opa light the candles:

Helping Daddy blow them out:

Of course Max enjoyed the cake and ice cream. Note the size of the “bite” of cake on his fork:

The aftermath:

Helping Daddy open presents:

After Max finished off his cake and ice cream and also the remainder of my ice cream and Jeff’s, he asked, “More ice cream?” I told him it was all gone. Not satisfied with that answer, he looked around and noted that two people at the table did in fact still have ice cream on their plates. He asked, “Max eat Oma ice cream? Opa ice cream?” Oma and Opa were of course happy to oblige. So much for Mom’s explanation!

Here are a few pictures from the day of the wedding:

“Okay, enough with the picture taking, I have rocks to collect!”

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