Visit from Family

We were lucky to have Max and Anna’s uncle Greg and cousin Elizabeth visit this weekend. Leah and Emma were out of town and were greatly missed! Guys, you just need to plan another trek over here soon, okay? Max loved playing with Cousin Lizzie and the time went by much too fast as always.

Maxwell and Anna are both doing well and amazing us every day. Anna still sleeps away a good chunk of the day, but she is having more awake time than just a week ago. Her nighttime sleep is all over the map, some nights she’ll do a good four hour stretch, others we’re up every two to three hours. I’m definitely tired, but I know she’s just being a perfectly normal newborn and I’ll sleep again someday. It’s funny how your perspective changes, before kids I would have felt terrible if I got 5 or 6 hours of sleep, and now that would be divine!

Max is so much fun these days. He still loves to play and hide and seek (after telling us where he’s going to hide) and another favorite thing to do is cover his eyes (which of course renders him invisible) and then say “Where’d Max go?” We then ask, “Where did Max go?” and proceed to look for him until he suddenly reappears. He’s also very interested in names lately. He has figured out that my “other name” is Keri and Daddy’s “other name” is Jeff, and will often ask the names of animals in a book or people when we’re out and about. This requires lots of quick thinking on our part. Some of the names I’ve generated are more creative than others. “Oh this monkey? His name is, um…Mr. Monkey!”

You want pictures? I’ve got pictures, and plenty of ’em!

First, a few of our precious baby girl:

Oma made this blanket for her:

Uncle Greg approves:

Fun with blocks!

The weather cooperated for a visit to “yellow slide park:”

As many of you know, Greg is a very talented baker. He made his famous cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning and Max got to lick a beater of icing:


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