Two Great Kids

We are so lucky to have two wonderful children! I mean, I know we’re biased, but they really are so adorable, and smart, and just all-around amazing. We had a great weekend–mini session at the pumpkin patch with Justine, gymnastics for Max, time with our friends Angel and Eric and their girls.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here, but I’ve had to cut out dairy for Anna’s sake. I’ll try it again in a couple months and see if it goes over any better, but for now I am dairy-free. I’ve found decent substitutes for milk and ice cream, but I have yet to find a good fake cheese. Ah well, it’s worth it for her sake.

Max continues to crack us up. The other day he was watching a “Blue’s Clues” show on the computer while my mom was taking care of him. She went into the kitchen to put something away and after a minute Max said, “My Blue’s Clues show is all funny!” Mom came over to look and sure enough, there were odd symbols on the screen. She remarked, “Well, that’s weird, how did that happen?” to herself more than anything. Max said, “I just sort of pushed that button right there” and pointed to the keyboard.

Sleep is calling me, so I’ll share pictures and be off to bed!

Trying Daddy’s shoes on Chester bear:

Big boy!

Anna tried out the Bumbo seat at Angel and Eric’s house Sunday. We’ll have to dig ours out, she seemed to like it:

Love Emmeline checking me out from the corner of this shot:

Of course big brother had to get in on the Bumbo action also:

I saved some of Max’s clothes for Anna, including the jammies below.  Here she is:

And Max in the same outfit:

That baby boy now:

Mama snuggles!

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