Christmas 2012

Yes, I know Christmas has come and gone a few weeks ago, but I finally had a chance to sort through the pictures and get them up (warning there are lots to come in this post!). We had a wonderful Christmas with family. Our plans to go up to my grandma’s were foiled by Max getting sick, but luckily by present-opening time he was feeling much better and able to enjoy it. Jeff’s parents were here and Greg and Leah and the girls came also. I love having everyone together for Christmas! We enjoyed the traditional Christmas Eve fondue dinner (started when Jeff and Greg were little) and the cousins had a a great time playing together.

Both kids really enjoyed Christmas this year. Max of course understood the whole idea very well this time around and was excited to receive and give presents. Anna had fun opening her gifts as well. Oma and Opa got her a stroller for her dolls (so they wouldn’t have to be crammed in the shopping cart for rides any more ) and it was a huge hit. It was sitting under the tree unwrapped and she made a beeline for it. We ate breakfast before we opened presents, but Anna ate hers later because she would not be deterred from the stroller. At one point there was a baby in the seat, another in the basket, and one on the shade. Max’s favorite gift is probably a tie between his superhero cape and the “arch blocks” he had asked for. I was very happily surprised with an iPad. Jeff had thrown me off by saying he only got me a couple things (which was true, I got the iPad and socks from him) so I was not at all expecting it. I love it, thank you wonderful husband!

Here are some pictures of our time together. So grateful for family!

Christmas jammies:

Just a few presents under the tree…

The very talented Leah made mittens for the guys:

“Thanks for the box, Mom!”

Super Max!

Opa invented a fun game with Anna. First you do this:

Then, this:

And then Anna signs, “More!”:

The girls did a bunch of fun crafts with Oma. Here they are making bracelets.

The weather even cooperated for some park time!

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