Florida Pictures, Final Round

Two blog posts in one night! I’m on a roll here, folks. Here is the final batch of pictures from Florida. I’m loving looking at these again as I put them up here. Such a fun time had by all!

Hanging out on the pier

Love that Anna is just chillin’ with Grandpa in this one

Ice cream time!

Grandma Helen and Max were playing in her office one afternoon. They put a sheet over the big table she has in there to make a tent. Jeff and I were upstairs and after a while they came up with Max all wrapped up like a ghost. He got a kick out of “scaring” us.


Our last day in Florida could not have been better. We spent all day at the beach and Helen planned a great birthday celebration for Max. Family from Michigan happened to be in town so they joined us, along with Alex and Kelli who live locally. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen Steve and Marg and Julie, and I loved having time with them and the chance for them to spend time with the kids. It was the perfect way to cap off our trip.

Birthday picnic!

Max was SO cute opening his presents. Each time he would exclaim in excitement, “Oh my gosh! Wow!” as he opened a gift. He was thrilled with everything and we were quite entertained watching him.

Just three guys, sitting around chatting and enjoying the beach. Side note: You can tell Alex is the local by how bundled up he is, while us Seattle folk were in shorts.

Searching the beach for shells with my cousin Julie

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