Florida Pictures, Round Four

enter site Trying to get caught up on blogging! One more batch of Florida pictures coming right after this one, and then I’ll work on Easter and Max’s birthday. It’s been a wonderfully busy spring so far and I’ve neglected the poor blog. Here are some more photos from our amazing trip. Thanks again, Dad and Helen, for everything!

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source site Max and Grandma Helen played with Play-Doh one evening. Max wanted to make a snowman, so they did. Then we asked what the snowman’s name was and he considered for a moment and then said with a grin, “Trash can.” Funny guy.

There’s a cool nature preserve not far from Dad and Helen’s house. It has a little playground area, lots of walking paths, and an observation tower. We had a great time wandering around and enjoying the view from up high.

Anna insisted on climbing all the steps to the top of the observation tower. Didn’t want to be carried at all!

Max wanted to push Anna in the stroller. His steering leaves a bit to be desired, but it was so cute to watch.

Max making fresh squeezed orange juice with Grandma Helen. Delicious!

Fun with Grandpa’s iPad:

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