Field Trip, and a Visit from Shani

We were very lucky to have my cousin Shani here visiting this week. The kids loved having her here and she is missed already! She and I always say we wish we could make our cities closer together so it would be easier to visit more often. The time went so fast, come back soon, Shani! Max enjoyed ordering Shani around in typical four year-old fashion. One night we were sitting down to dinner and Shani was joking with Max about something, just being silly. After a minute Max looked at her and said, “Maybe you should just eat your dinner.” No beating around the bush there.

I have a few pictures from Shani’s visit but first will share a couple from Maxwell’s last preschool field trip of the year–a ride on a school bus! We met up with his classmates and teachers at a local park and then took a ride in the bus. Max told me he didn’t want the bus to go too fast, thankfully we weren’t anywhere near highway speeds, so that request was met. Emmeline sat with us and Angel and my mom stayed at the park with the little girls.

The ever-popular “funny face” picture:

Fun times with Shani!

I’m not sure what’s going on here…claws maybe?

Max wanted to make funny faces as usual, Anna didn’t do it right away…

But then she proceeded to stick her tongue out and didn’t want to stop, causing much hilarity:

Love you, Shani!

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