A Walk in the Woods

We’ve been rather housebound for the past few days since Anna has been sick. Thankfully today she seemed pretty close to her old self, other than she still doesn’t have too much of an appetite. So we went out for lunch and then after rest time we took the trail through the woods to “blue slide park” (Max differentiates our neighborhood parks by slide color). The air was crisp but the sun was shining, and it felt great to be outside. On one stretch of the trail there’s a steep hill. Max instructed me to pretend that I had never seen it before. Then I needed to be “a little bit scared” and he gave me reassurance and encouragement as I climbed it. We enjoyed time at the park and then walked home again. Perfect Sunday afternoon together!

Max said “Wow! Look at that! It’s the tallest tree I’ve ever seen!”

Having fun in the stroller:

This is his “I’m smiling for the camera” face:

Managed to coax a “real” smile also:

And one more of our punkin: