First Day of School

Max started preschool again last week. He had mixed feelings about going back because he has a different teacher this year. He loved Miss Megan last year and really wanted to have her again. We talked up Miss Tally and reminded him about all the things that would be the same. I also got some special matching bracelets for Max and me to wear. I told him they have extra “love waves” (from a book we have) and if he was feeling sad or missing me, he can look at his bracelet and feel better. The first few dropoffs his eyes teared up a bit but he didn’t cry like he did last year. And I’m happy to report that the past couple dropoffs have been smooth. This year he goes to school three days a week for 2.5 hours each day. Our friend Emmeline is in his class again, which helps a lot. 

Here are our front porch “first day” pictures!