Florida, Round 1

I have so many pictures from our trip to Florida that I’ll be sharing them in installments. Also hoping to get through the Easter pictures and post those before Easter is too far in the rearview mirror. We had a great trip to Florida! The kids are troopers traveling and watched a lot of Daniel Tiger on the iPad. Screen time restrictions go out the window when traveling. The weather was cooler than normal for Florida, but much warmer than Seattle. Thankfully our first day was warm and sunny, so we spent that at the beach. I figured we would just be wading in the ocean like last year so I didn’t wear my swimsuit. That was a mistake, as the kids ended up loving the water and wanting to go way out. I wasn’t going to pass up that opportunity, so I just went in with my clothes on. Max loved jumping in the waves while I held his hand. We also looked for seashells, built sand castles, and did the ever-popular game of digging a hole in the sand for the kids to put their feet in, and then pouring ocean water in. It is such a treat to have beach time in March, since that doesn’t happen in our part of the country. Here’s the first round of pictures!