Florida, Round 4

Here is the last round of Florida pictures! Some JAMM readers will know about the saga of our trip home. The short version is we went to the airport, flights ended up cancelled, we waited for 3 hours in baggage claim for our bags, went back to Dad and Helen’s, spent an extra day there (that was a nice bonus!) and then flew out at the crack of dawn the day after that. As we were getting ready to depart that second time Max remarked, “I hope none of our flights get deleted this time.” It was so cute, we knew right away he meant “delayed” but it actually still made perfect sense! I’m already looking forward to our next visit, thanks again Dad and Helen for taking such great care of us.

On one semi-rainy day we went into town. First stop was a store with a bunch of parrots in cages out front. One of them said a very clear “Hello” a few times, and the kids got a kick out of the fact that one was named Maxwell.
After admiring the birds, we walked around town and stopped for ice cream.
Another day we visited the Sarasota Aquarium. The kids loved seeing the big turtles, dolphins, and manatees (or as Anna calls them, “mantnanees”).
The aquarium had this statue of manatees with a sign for donations. Anna ran up and gave it a hug.
And finally, some more fun at Grandpa and Grandma Helen’s house!