Tulips 2014

We are very fortunate to live not far from the well-known Mount Vernon Tulip Festival. Every year tulip farms in the area host a festival and visitors come from all over to see thousands and thousands of tulips. It really is an amazing sight to see and we try to get up there every year with the kids. The traffic coming and going gets crazy, but we’ve perfected the strategy of leaving home right after breakfast, getting to the fields when they open, and then heading out before lunchtime. There are still lots of people around, but that way we’re not sitting in tulip gridlock. The kids enjoyed wearing their rain boots and tromping around the fields, and put up with my picture taking. They were good about gently touching the tulips with one finger only, and I’m happy to report that no one picked any. As usual I took a ton of pictures, so here is a selection of the best ones!