Easter 2014

Getting closer to getting caught up on the blog! Thought I should get Easter posted while it’s still May at least. We had a great Easter this year. We dyed eggs at home and did an egg hunt inside our house when the kids got up. Then after breakfast we headed to my grandma’s for the family gathering and another hunt in her yard. The kids both loved hunting for eggs this year and checking to see what they got. Last year Anna was starting to get the concept but each time she found an egg she wanted to stop and open it and investigate the contents. This year she had the strategy down and collected as many eggs as possible in the allotted time. There are a lot of cousins at my grandma’s house each year so they stagger it by age, letting the little kids go first so they can find their fair share. The teenagers aren’t left out though, there’s one “golden egg” that has a $20 in it and is always hidden in a very tricky spot for one lucky hunter to find.