The Blog is Back… mostly…

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Just A Minute Moore! The blogging aspect of our domain went away and I had to get everything moved to a new blogging platform. We were able to keep the domain, so that was a good thing. In the moving of everything, I was told/read that I would not be able to save/move the pictures along with the text of the posts. From what I’ve seen, it does look like they’re there, but for how long I do not know. Maybe those will live on on this blog, maybe the pictures will be gone. Have no fear, we have all of those saved! They just might become a little more challenging for you to see. You can always get them from us. If you do still see the images here and want one, make a note of it and let us know. We should be able to get a full-sized version sent off to you. For data reasons, we shrink the images down to post them. If you’re on mobile data, this is a good thing!
If you are seeing the images and they appear squished or stretched… nothing I can do about that! An unfortunate part of the move. Better a little squished than not there at all!

Now, I need to learn this new blogging platform and will teach Keri what I can… then she can be off and running and blogging about those amazing kids again really soon! We know… you’re just here for the Max and Anna pics. They’re on the way! Hopefully soon!

Cute Test Picture: